About me


I like the challenge in working with people, I love people that choose to see the best in the world and the best in others. My aim is to make people feel better than they did before meeting me, I hope to challenge those around me to do something great… invest in the people around them.

I was teaching in Somerset West, South Africa from 2010-2014 in these years I grew so much. I worked with teenagers and I loved it. If you get the chance to win the heart of a teen, you have truly lived. Many people don’t like the challenge of working with them but I love it. They are great.

As I was teaching I realized that I want to travel more that I wanted to see more. I started doing my Masters in International development in 2013 and it opened a new world to me. It led me here… to Bangladesh… to Mauritius… to New York

I am gaining experience in NGO’s as well as teaching in the different projects. It is interesting, I am still learning and trying my best to grow professionally and academically.

One day, I will be part of a team of professionals that aim to uplift others.

Now, I’m learning to do that, one slow step at a time.


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