The kindness in older people

I had 4 great experiences this week with older people. They were all above 60… thus ‘older people’.

They made me believe in the kindness of strangers again.

Lady 1

I went to a restuarant close to my house about a week ago, the place was full and I wrote my name down to get a table. A lady came just after me and I noticed she was also alone so after some internal debate and overcoming my own shyness I suggested we should sit together… She agreed.

So there we sat two stangers but happyly talking away and getting to know each other. She said her husband passed away a few years ago and she has been alone since then. I also confirm that I am alone and she said something funny…

‘You know, men this age want three things…

Food, Friend with benefits … and a place to die’ Afrikaans: vreetplek, vroetelplek en vrekplek :-).

This lady, so cool and collected feeling the same about guys!… I still smile at her comment.

Strangers of two different worlds but talking like old friends.

Uncle and Aunt 1

I went to a coffee shop and got a high table to sit at and as I got there a lower table went open and I immediatly went to sit there.

I noticed an older couple come and and take the high table were I was at, I felt bad as they would have been at a nicer table if I did not move… So after some internal debate about being a nicer person I got up and asked if they would like to come and sit at the lower table and I will sit there. He convinced me that they are fine and I shouldn’t worry.

I have no idea why I was blushing but went back to my table, we smiled at each other a few times.

When they left he came up to me and gave me a chocolate… a big one. Said I am his new girlfriend.

I was humbled by his kindness.

Uncle and Aunt 2

I went to sit at a coffee shop and mark, it gives me inspiration to finish marking. If I stay at home and mark I soon find something else to do.

As I marking away and uncle from the table opposite me smiles and asks if I am a teacher, I smile back and say yes. We chat for a bit.

As the waiter takes their order he tells him to take mine as well as I need the energy for marking. I thank him, blush, and keep marking.

Once again I have some internal battle, maybe I should go and sit with them, finally, as the drinks arrive I find the courage to move to their table and sit and chat. We spoke about an hour about life and stuff. Like we were suppose to meet for coffee.

It was fathersday and he asks me about my dad, I say I am far but I am going to visit them soon. He talks about his kids and I feel like it was good for us to sit and talk. You know.

His wife comes to me afterwards and hugs me and says “May you be greatly blessed”.


Uncle and Son

Still sitting and marking and uncle and his son come sit next to me, he soon asks me about my marking and can you believe I taught one of his family members.

We sat and made jokes and laughed about stupid things as if we knew each other. Funny.

So he invited me to go hiking over weekends, its a common thing to go walking in Cape Town over weekend. He says I can walk, but he’ll be running, there are lots of people… I should still come though.

So open and friendly. I like that.

After some internal shy battle or something, I decided I will go for a walk, talk … run thingy.

Why not.

I like older people





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