We all stared at each other …

12 September 2015

Ginza is one of the upper-class places to go shopping in Japan, also one of the best places to get a nice cup of coffee and relax with your dearest friends or go on a date. Yes, you should go on a date in Ginza…

Unfortunately, the nicest thing I did in Ginza is to go to my dentist, a root canal.

So after my root canal walking to the train station and enjoying all the displays something funny happened, something very true to my entertaining character.

I saw one of my friends sitting and talking to a guy, nice guy, attractive, they must have been on a date. I thought of just walking past and then I thought no… let me stare at her till she sees me, and then wave, and then walk away. Great idea, don’t you think?

As I started the staring expedition I did not see the older Japanese ladies that were sitting at the table closer to me, my friend was sitting at the second table from the window. I stepped closer to the window staring… like a stalkerLaughing Japanese.jpg, with the expression of … I don’t know what…

I gave the old Japenese ladies a fright, they literally gave a gasp and a short shout. Luckily at that moment my friend and her date saw me…

We all stared at each other through the window.

I quickly ran inside to say hello and apologize, I said hi to her and her very nice friend and tried to apologize to the old ladies. I don’t think they understood what I said, as they were Japanese.

“Sorry about that but don’t worry, I am not a stalker”. I said to my friend’s date. Could I have not just said that!

So… it’s official … I am not a stalker.


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