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Skills Development Facilitator

You will find a few definitions of what a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) should be and be able to do.

An SDF should be registered, they would only be registered if they have done the training, submitted a portfolio of evidence and found competent. After which they register with your company as your SDF as they can belong to different SETA’s.

Here are some of the most important skills:

  1. Be a professional support to the company by assisting the HR department and relevant management to submit a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and an Annual Training Report (ATR).
  2. Be able to communicate to all stakeholders across all levels of an organisation.
  3. Be able to do research and be knowledgeable on details of SETA to be able to research scarce skills and the sector skills plans for each SETA.
  4. Able to manage and coordinate a training committee.
  5. Help select suitable training providers.
  6. Conduct a Skills Audit and Training Needs Analysis.
  7. Be consistent in work ethic and commitment to your company.

The company will sign a contract with the SDF related to the work that the SDF will do. They can be employed as a consultant, part-time employee or as permanent staff. The terms of payment are agreed in advance and could range from a monthly payment to a once-off % of levy claimed.

Please note the levy claimed back is taxed and is paid at quarter intervals.


p.s. This is not an exhaustive list. A more elaborate list can be found on the Skills Portal Website.



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