Living in Community

I have stopped travelling for a bit and I am back living with people that know me people that knew me as a kid. It is strange to come back 12 years later, everything seems so different but it all seems so much the same. I have been thinking how living alone or living in community with others affects me. How  do things change… It is strange.

Living alone has its perks and living in a community has another set of perks. Perks…what a strange word. Perks… Perks.

I moved out of my parents house just after school and since then I have been travelling, studying, travelling again while living alone most of the time. I like to have the autonomy of doing things by myself. I like people and love the interaction. I just like being alone too. Being at back has brought some other benefits…perks to mind.

At the end, you need to outweigh the perks. Perks… say it out loud, you know what I mean! Perks.


Perks …of Living alone

Living alone gives you freedom to do what you want when you want and how you want. As innocent as it seems I think we all know who comes knocking on your door if you don’t have any restrictions in your life. I found for the most part that I didn’t invite too many wrong things, but I will admit when I become lonely my standards did fall.

I know some people don’t need other people to keep them on the right track … and I applaud you for that. I, on the other hand, I need support, there seems to be a more constant Zani that has people around her.

I think it is great to be able to admit… I need friends and family in my life.

Perks… of Community

Community to me reflects who you want to have in your life; friends, family, church and others. Community supports you in the things you are doing. Look, I don’t always see myself through the eyes of a community, but it does help me find a place where I belong.

In a community I see places to serve, learn and live. I see places to invest in more than just me.

What to do now?

I am still living in between the two it is hard to choose one as I feel that my schedule determines many of the aspects it.

Today I choose people, it is harder, but I feel that I am part of people, part of their life. Coming back to them after time was lost apart… I missed so much. I want to be part of their growth as a person. I love it.

Tomorrow I might need some time alone to see where I am, to look at my life and think. To walk alone is not lonely.

Time will tell… I just know that people are worth it. 


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