Tips for travelling… and Life

Travelling is for the most part fun. It can take a turn for the worst very quickly. I remember getting sick into a paper bag on a plane and getting offered a better seat by the hostess. Not sure if I liked the experience. Nice of her though! I know there are unique experiences but I have had some bad luck in so many places, I wish now to share my wisdom… The little that I have.

  1. I always have some over the counter vertigo medication. I get nauseous when travelling especially when I am a bit stressed. I also have some herbal rescue drops. I feel even if doesn’t really work I know I am doing something to make me more comfortable when travelling.
  2. Always have something warm to wear in your hand luggage. Even a good scarf will do. There is something about aeroplanes and their air conditioning… it feels like it can dry up your past, present, and future.
  3. Have a snack bar or something to nibble in your bag, in some cases, you might need some energy before your next meal. I sometimes feel I am going to die of hunger before I even reach my destination.
  4. Hydration. Some people drink a lot of water the two days before travelling so that you are not dehydrated by the time you start. Water is usually available but if can be quite expensive.
    1. I have some rehydration granules with me if I feel I have not been getting enough water in.
    2. In transit: Buy value meals that include water as a beverage. Sometimes just buying water is super expensive. Well if you have a lot of money… go for it.
    3. Go to the loo, if you need to pee, go…if you have the time and the opportunity. Go pee… ok…just go pee now.
  5. Wet wipes and tissues have to be in your hand luggage …always. It is one of the most wonderful things to have close by. Travelling without it made me realise that it’s the small things that make my world a better place.
  6. Get some cash. Don’t expect that your card works everywhere. Before you leave might be the best, but if you didn’t, get a small amount at the airport and then ask some locals where the best place for exchange is… or just google!
  7. Charge your phone, get a power bank, find wifi or don’t move away from the wifi until you have a relative direction to go in. That is if someone is not getting you at the airport, even if someone is getting you there. Leave some details of where you are, you never know… you might get lost.
  8. Don’t be afraid of people, ask. I know many people live in a world where everyone in another country wants to steal your money or abduct you as a sex slave. I choose to be vigilant… but if you need help… Just Ask! You will find people going out of their way to make sure you are ok… If anything, be the person that helps other people get to the right place.
  9. Phone home. Skype. WhatApp voice note. Email. Something…Anything. Your family and friends miss you more than you think.

I am sure if you google what to pack or how to pack you will find another few lists of things. Whatever you do, enjoy it. Bring a few stories back home and share it.




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