We are the slow and steady steps we take…

Setting goals and working on things now

Seem like everybody is winning

And I am so slow


I have made so many resolutions

and I’ve stuck to maybe one or two

but sometimes it’s just hard to change

I don’t want to, do you?


I don’t have the easy way out

As everyone seems to have

I just want to get to my goal

and not be such a slave


A slave to my habits

My mind in a cast

A slave to a selfish culture

A slave to my past


So this is a  note to the teary

A note for me to learn

A note when I am weary

When there are few places to turn


We cannot always be perfect

And do everything right

Sometimes we will get stuck

Sometimes we won’t want to fight.



Sometimes my feet are very heavy

Sometimes I don’t really care

But today I am steady and slow

Moving forward, with all the energy I have to spare

We cannot win the world at once

Or use others pace as our own

We can only do our own thing

Even if we stand alone

So today let’s move forward

We are the slow and steady steps we take

For ourselves or heavens sake.


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