A Toast to Time…

I have been travelling in the last few months and I have made new friends and invested in older friendship. Something in me craves to see the world and the other part of me wants to be part of a group of friends settled in a time and space. I find myself in the space between. A space where I am not always sure where I should be and what I want. Its OK though… I am figuring it out.

A pack of volunteers, without the support of these special people. I would of not grown so much. Brett, Kelly-Bae and Johaida. Bangladesh

So this is what I have decided I want from the next chapters in my life, I am not sure it will be as simple as I think it would it be. We are the thoughts we think… and this is what I am thinking about…

I see the different places I go to, even it is just a week at my grandparents or a weekend at friends as a chapter in my life. Chapters filled with people, these chapters are moments in time, my time invested in people and time that others have invested in me. Time is all I have to give and a currency I am learning to find more meaning in, especially when it’s given to me.

Friend chapters are chapters that I would like to leave better than what it was at the beginning of the chapter. With some friends you loose some foundations with time apart and you need to just cover some ground to get in the zone again.I choose to cover some ground again. I have made the decision to make these friendships better, so our next meetings are even sweeter. Other friends that you can pick up where you left off, are great, but I do see that I need to make personal investments in spending time alone with them. I want to be the friend that helps you with shopping and takes you to the doctor. Somewhere in there I see them and I can be the best of me.

Family chapters are brief at the moment as I am not spending a lot of time there, and it can be challenging but I have decided to make time for family. I think I have forgotten what I mean to them and that they care for me and love me. I think I need to discover what family means and how time with family really is an investment for my own family one day. I am always far, either in distance or in mind but I need to be closer to them, and I think I need that more than what I think I do.

Work chapters are a bit more fuzzy, work for me for the rest the next year or so will be filling in where I am needed. Recently I stepped in to help at an old work and I loved it. I missed the people that used to be part of my life. I know not everyone has the best relationships at work, but seeing as it is a space where most of us spend our time…

I am rereading some of my chapters and I am happy about some and I can see the potential in writing new ones. I think this is what I have enjoyed about getting older, I am able to see situations clearer and I can do it better the next time.

For now this is where I find meaning: a coffee with an old student, taking a friend for dinner, going for a walk in my grans garden, listening to the woes of a 8 year old, reading in front of the fire with a friend, making a new friend laugh and so much more…

So I make a toast to time.. embracing the moments we have with the people around us.

Taking time to enjoy coconut on the street of Khulna, Bangladesh
I have never regretted spending some time with kids. Never, this investment in time has always doubled in returns.



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