Tips for and memories of Japan

I lived in Japan in 2015 and had an interesting time, I often think of life there and thought I would share some of my thoughts, tips and experiences.

  1. Don’t eat anything green unless you know what flavor it is… its not mint, it
    2015-03-13 16.57.09-1
    Worst pastry of my life…

    s not pistachio, its not lemon it is green tea flavor. Unless you are used to eating it… be aware. You need to develop a taste for it, and you will.

  2. When taking the train at rush hour and you find the full length of your body against the contours of the full length of someone else, try not to give your number to the person, I know it was an intimate experience. Giving your number to them will be rude.
  3. If you really want to see the dress style of Japanese people, you should be on the last train on a Saturday night. Weekdays the uniform sticks to white, black, light blue and other pastel colors. Saturday nights all the other colors and styles come out to play.
  4. Greet older people, they greet back. They grey up in a age where it was polite to greet.
  5. Make friends with the lady or man at the fruit/veggie stand near your house. Its just nice to greet someone you kinda know after a long day of work.
  6. Craigslist is a great place to find a job. I was translating English and Dutch to Afrikaans in Tokyo. It was great.
  7. Make 3 friends and stick to them. I am serious. If you are in Japan you are working most of the time, so you need to find 3 friend to help you cope.
  8. Get naked with the locals. The onsen is one of the nicest things I experienced in Japan. I did  not always understand where to get naked though, but the onsen was amazing and if you look around you might find some with great views or serene garden. It is worth it.
  9. Take pictures of random things you see, you wont see it again and then you might forget.
  10. Try Meetup to do some touristy things. Filter carefully and make sure you know how to get to the meeting spot.
  11. 7970006528_3d10ba079f_z
    Skytree – it’s a nice night out 

    Starbucks Skytree was on one of the best coffee shops I had been too, the view at night was especially calming.

  12. Go back as a tourist.




    2015-10-06 16.56.50
    Near Shinagawa Station… I found a tree

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