I am not ready … and it’s OK.

I’d like to think I am always prepared, always ready for anything. Well ready enough to get a mini toolkit out my handbag in times of emergency. The kind of lady that brought the black pen to the government office and also remembered the extra ID photo. I must say, I was that on a good day!

I’ve noticed that I have not always been prepared… for life. I could not prepare for every little thing I thought of. I would be too busy all the time. I have a lot of sympathy for some people that struggle with anxiety problems, I could just imagine their stress.

I am just not prepared for everything, even if I could  maybe these twists in life’s road is what keeps us sane. I had clear plans of of a few things in my life and in a course of a few days, a few moments, seconds … it all changed. I am still happy where I am going, it just so scary knowing it can change again. So quickly. The solace that I found in those moments or in those days is this…

I was not prepared and it all turned out OK. Life did not end as I know it. I just realized, sometimes your worst fears can come true, and you survive. I have survived, and I will continue to survive.

I am not ready for my heart and mind changing course on the things I thought I knew for sure, I am not ready for my foundations to be shaken.

I am not ready for everything that could possibly go wrong, but I will be OK… and IT WILL BE OKso will you.


One thought on “I am not ready … and it’s OK.

  1. Nou weet ek ook hoe jou kop werk. Interessant. Jy is dalk my alter ego. Jy sprei jou vlerke omdat ek dit nooit kon doen nie. Geniet dit wat jy doen vir ons altwee. Lief vir jou


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