Tokyo, Thabazimbi and now… Dhaka

Hey, my name is Zani. I just finished my course work for my Masters while staying in Tokyo*. I came back to South Africa to spend time with my family in Thabazimbi and now I am going to Dhaka, Bangladesh. Worlds apart… but connected.ladies

Doors Opened in Dhaka, and I decided to go. I will volunteering in the Chalantika Mother and Child Development program.

​I love people, and I love being in a position to be an effective help where there is real need. This program will allow me to do that. I am working on a plan to get to Bangladesh in January 2016.
I made a choice to offer my time and talents to go where the doors have opened, in my small sphere of influence I want to reach out and teach. I also hope to grow and be challenged to learn about myself.
I  feel also it is about building the relationships that were broken between God, families, others, and the environment.

My first step… I need to get there and I would like to ask you for financial support to facilitate my
travels to Bangladesh as well as keeping me going for the year. I would be greatly humbled and excited by any help offered! Flight Costs ($800)& living expenses of $600 for the year.

Please contact me if you are interested. I am linked to Paypal. Donate
*I will update posts of myself, experiences, and the project in the near future.

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